Starring: Billy Unger, Stephanie Michels and Cassi Thomson
Directed by John Murlowski

Ever since Robby's father was killed while on police duty, Robby has been angry and alone. So when Robby sees his father's police dog, Marlowe, locked up in a cage he begs his mom to keep him and the two are instantly best friends.
But when Marlowe chases two familiar criminals and is hit by a speeding car, Robby is devastasted and slips back into his reclusive state until he surprisingly sees Marlowe again. Robby later learns that Marlowe came back as a ghost and has unfinished business to take care of: to help Robby find the two crooks and solve the mystery behind the death of Robby's father.

Showtime: Fri, 25 Jul 01:10 AM